Innovation Portfolio

We build your Innovation Portfolio structured in 3 horizons:
Bottom Line Improvement | Top Line Growth | New Business Models.

Concept Design

We help you designing your best idea’s, build digital prototypes and (in)validate concepts within your targeted market and customer segments.

New Product Launch

We help you navigate the process of launching your newest idea and brand adoption in-market.
We test its scalability and drive results long term.

Technology Innovation

To understand the impact of emerging technology in your industry or organizing 2 speed IT.
Together with our network of experts & tech partners we test new business offerings & disruptive business models.

Creative at Work

Get out of your office!
We facilitate all your creative business challenges at the "ToolKeet" in Amsterdam with:
Business Tools | Innovative Methods | Corporate Experience.

Empower Innovation

We empower your people through execution training and coaching to become innovative & agile.
We structure it's governance and reporting on goals and results.